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Brad Mondo

Hi beautiful! I'm Brad Mondo, a second generation hairstylist. Subscribe to my channel if you want to laugh, have fun and learn how you can make every day a good hair day!
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  1. louisa hansen

    louisa hansen

    Prieš 20 val

    Dude i gotta have your shirt!!!!

  2. Stuart R

    Stuart R

    Prieš 20 val

    Bread should totally do the rainbow

  3. Catalina Cáceres

    Catalina Cáceres

    Prieš 20 val

    omg my two favorites youtube reactors in one video

  4. CraftyMaelyss


    Prieš 20 val

    The only thing stopping me from dying my hair, is: 1. I have dreadlocks 2. I use tea tree shampoo It would absolutely strip the colour out immediately, otherwise I'd dye the tips of my dreads a pastel blue-ish green (think seafoam or spearmint)

  5. Nikki D

    Nikki D

    Prieš 20 val

    You can see in her cheek she has... Blush on crazy. Lol

  6. Stella Sapp-Dietrich

    Stella Sapp-Dietrich

    Prieš 20 val

    When he keeps saying I wanna touch it 😔😐😑

  7. alsn clre

    alsn clre

    Prieš 20 val

    You used the batiste (ba-teest) wrong, you need to actually rub it in and not spray so close. Build it up, small amounts first and add more if you need it. I have almost black hair and I use it regularly with no white hue, no chunks and no problems and in the UK it’s dirt cheap too

  8. Jo Fennema

    Jo Fennema

    Prieš 20 val

    Brad you should react to Jenna giving Julien extensions and do a Jenna hair makeover! Love your videos!

  9. Corina Corina

    Corina Corina

    Prieš 20 val

    Why do I believe that you are a big fan of Drag Race?🤔

  10. Johanna N.W

    Johanna N.W

    Prieš 20 val

    Brad is just this super kind, funny and smart human you just wish were your friend.

  11. Nurul 'Aqilah

    Nurul 'Aqilah

    Prieš 20 val

    I love those eyes 😻

  12. Ratsy


    Prieš 20 val

    What a merman! Loving the look. amazing!

  13. velly pagal hai

    velly pagal hai

    Prieš 20 val

    Sir. My skin tone is little light brown so what's hair highlighter suits me?

  14. Debbie E

    Debbie E

    Prieš 20 val

    I love it but it reminds me of sully coat form monsters ink but it’s amazing

  15. CraftyMaelyss


    Prieš 21 val

    It's funny, because I'm maintaining my dreads and adding some wraps while watching this X'D Also fun fact about dreads: you can cut them off, then reattach later. So you can keep your dreads and instantly attach them again if you start missing them :)

  16. Elise Spath

    Elise Spath

    Prieš 21 val

    my hair and face moms

  17. Jaines Fermaint

    Jaines Fermaint

    Prieš 21 val

    My cousin does this to her hair and its grown like crazy.

  18. chut chut

    chut chut

    Prieš 21 val

    omg can u cut my brother’s hair cuz he has nO stYLe

  19. Oshoo oo

    Oshoo oo

    Prieš 21 val

    Thank you for being that kind and merciful... All people should be kind and thoughtful to each other really, u made me cry due to emotions coz how much it is great to feel kindness and care when you are feeling down so really thank you so much for what u did for her and how u made her feel, From Egypt with love

  20. hrani


    Prieš 21 val

    I used to do henna before I went for neon pink and then blue (just my natural brown now, since I got allergic reactions to dye) It was sort of a hobby and fun to mess with it, kinda like alchemy through the year. You can dye as often as you like, the color lives according to how many times you saturate and what the sun has been doing. The same hair henna'ed 8 or more times will go from a burnt sienna hue to deep purple burgundy that's gorgeous! Also makes curls relax a little, as the henna binds to the protein in the hair.

  21. Bottle that JIMIN kicked

    Bottle that JIMIN kicked

    Prieš 21 val

    Brad: Hello beautiful!!! Me: (eating fries, ketchup on my face) *who are you talking to bro?*

  22. Nadia George

    Nadia George

    Prieš 21 val

    I didn’t realize how tan Brad is until Hyram was next to him omg 😂

  23. Honeymoon Avenue

    Honeymoon Avenue

    Prieš 21 val

    everyone: bleaching their hair me: soo...a lot of ppl are changing their look lol 😂

  24. Kalin Pusheen

    Kalin Pusheen

    Prieš 21 val

    Can you do bille Eilish

  25. Elaine nicholson

    Elaine nicholson

    Prieš 21 val

    When he turned her around with all the wrap over her face I lost it 🤣🤣 imagine that being a real person hahahaha

  26. Shante Pride

    Shante Pride

    Prieš 21 val

    Tomorrow I’m going to use bleach on my hair but not but it’s fake it’s fake it’s all fake

  27. kaylie Isabella

    kaylie Isabella

    Prieš 21 val

    Omg his hair is so healthy!! I dye my hair constantly I had to go back to my natural color last night my hair was falling out 😭

  28. Olivia Augustin

    Olivia Augustin

    Prieš 21 val

    His hair gives me Sully vibes from monsters inc! Love it 😍😂

  29. Cora-leigh Stowell

    Cora-leigh Stowell

    Prieš 21 val

    Why does he look like sully from monsters inc 👀

  30. Deborah Watson

    Deborah Watson

    Prieš 21 val

    Thanks Brad I really learnt alot and you are looking so good! ❣️

  31. Danielle Joy

    Danielle Joy

    Prieš 21 val

    This is a perfect collaboration!! You two are awesome together !

  32. Lay


    Prieš 21 val

    My #1 youtuber for hair care and #1 youtuber for skin care making a youtube video together?? What 🥺

  33. Jake !

    Jake !

    Prieš 21 val

    Stop doing things to your hair It is a form of self-mutilation caused by poor self esteem you are disrupting the molecular structure.

  34. Amber Liu

    Amber Liu

    Prieš 21 val

    Brad you were meant to put the white bit in your mouth so that you are not eating the chemicals!!

  35. Vaal


    Prieš 22 val

    LUUUVV <3

  36. Bebe Alsnafi

    Bebe Alsnafi

    Prieš 22 val

    Yesss blue I love blue

  37. Merrisa Thomas

    Merrisa Thomas

    Prieš 22 val

    Dayuuuuum Her hairline reducing more than my grades Finally proud of my self...🙏😑

  38. Tracey Renee Fernandes

    Tracey Renee Fernandes

    Prieš 22 val

    I luv these videos Im 53 and just cant buy one more black dye Im trying to go blonde for life...😁😁😁

  39. Sasha T.

    Sasha T.

    Prieš 22 val

    THE DANCE!!!!!!!!!!! I am so hyped now 😂😂😂😂

  40. Cozette Zappetillo

    Cozette Zappetillo

    Prieš 22 val

    Haven’t clicked this early in SO LONGGGG #MondoMakeover

  41. Ora Ora

    Ora Ora

    Prieš 22 val

    Hey Brad, you should react to Isabella Demarko, her vids are astonishingly good and she's in a wonderful hair journey <33 Love ya <333

  42. Samira Sadiqi

    Samira Sadiqi

    Prieš 22 val

    He has a twin? What???

  43. Билли Каплан

    Билли Каплан

    Prieš 22 val

    Why does this look like a human version of head& shoulders

  44. bianca krausam

    bianca krausam

    Prieš 22 val

    My God I LIVE for Hyram's lil giggles 🥺🥺🥺🥺

  45. jo jra

    jo jra

    Prieš 22 val

    the collaboration i didn't expect 😍😍😍

  46. Dizzie Dack

    Dizzie Dack

    Prieš 22 val

    My girl will littraly come for me if I forget on a pinky swear

  47. dieter rosswag

    dieter rosswag

    Prieš 22 val

    Its like he wears a buttplug while talking

  48. Tarragon Watkins

    Tarragon Watkins

    Prieš 22 val

    wish I’d seen this before I used arctic fox phantom green to do half neon green half dark green because 2 washes later the phantom green side is now a nice royal blue :) my hair was completely white when I started :) should’ve mixed it with yellow lol

  49. Ellie Laursen

    Ellie Laursen

    Prieš 22 val reach to this

  50. Villain


    Prieš 22 val

    Is it ever gonna grow ?????!

  51. Ellie Laursen

    Ellie Laursen

    Prieš 22 val reach to this!!

  52. Ellie Laursen

    Ellie Laursen

    Prieš 22 val Reach to this!!!

  53. vanessa latina

    vanessa latina

    Prieš 22 val

    i have dark brown hair do you think i can go silver/grey will it damage my hair ps i havent colored my hair in 4 years

  54. Siwwann


    Prieš 22 val

    I love this

  55. Siwwann


    Prieš 22 val

    Am I the only one that hyram reminds him of Ryland shanes boyfriend?

  56. Cait Mcc

    Cait Mcc

    Prieš 22 val

    Ironic I got a CeraVe advert in this video 🤣

  57. Lauren Boucher

    Lauren Boucher

    Prieš 22 val

    Omg Hyram looks amazing!! Go Brad!!

  58. Sara West

    Sara West

    Prieš 22 val

    I am one of those rare unicorns that looks significantly better as a brunette. Love you, too, Brad! (Though I have learned my lesson; no more box dye for me!)

  59. Jacqueline Firkins

    Jacqueline Firkins

    Prieš 22 val

    I agree with you, I have never liked Bastiste. I have always had greasy hair ☹ so ergo used dry shampoos, we have a supermarket in England called Morrisons their home brand dry shampoo is amazing compared to Bastiste. I was really surprised 😯

  60. rawan ayman

    rawan ayman

    Prieš 22 val

    Do you apply conditioner to your scalp

  61. skinny queen

    skinny queen

    Prieš 22 val

    my bitchy hair is very blonde and I really want a big and bright hair colour, I’ve never dyed my hair but I don’t know whether I’m going to regret it or not because my mam would probably throw me out lmAo 🤠 My hair is most likely to turn brown as I age so is there anything I should look out for because I’m probably going to do it soon 😳

  62. Hilary Settle

    Hilary Settle

    Prieš 22 val

    When I was younger, I’m 65, cap highlighting was the only way in the late 80s early 90s to have highlights and I loved the results. So, many years ago, the hair salon I went to was doing H-perms and that was perming only the hair pulled through the cap, it was actually very effective-I know, I can feel you rolling your eyes

  63. Amy Keep

    Amy Keep

    Prieš 22 val

    Looks amazing

  64. Denise Martinez

    Denise Martinez

    Prieš 22 val

    The second woman look so good with the blond that women have no style.

  65. Rajalakshmi c

    Rajalakshmi c

    Prieš 22 val

    I'm cool toned so can I do caramel brown highlights or balayage

  66. Raven Gilliam

    Raven Gilliam

    Prieš 22 val

    Brad Mondo, you have to react to this video. But I must warn you, it hurts. I mean every bleaching and basic hair care rule was broken..(except one, unfortunately for her, she thoroughly saturates her hair). Poor girl, no hair and no/fake friends.

  67. Ashleigh Roe

    Ashleigh Roe

    Prieš 22 val

    Your hair thoooo 😍🥰

  68. Shabbie Rose

    Shabbie Rose

    Prieš 22 val

    name a more iconic duo

  69. Myra Yellub

    Myra Yellub

    Prieš 23 val

    Came from a James Charles video so I'm watching this in 1.5x

  70. BTS_illegirl


    Prieš 23 val

    He's a little extra..

  71. Eifion Phillips

    Eifion Phillips

    Prieš 23 val

    It's definitely something medical as why are so many gays today? It's so stupid when some say that being gay is a choice like it's for attention! and with the numbers being so high and children knowing they are more into boys, it's obvious that's not true. There should be more research into this and maybe one day there may be a cure for those who want it. It's sad to see people suffer from being gay and i feel deep respect for those who get on with life but then we all get criticized for most things not just being gay. You are a nice guy Brad and that's all that matters.💕

  72. zoe


    Prieš 23 val

    Which hair did u use?

  73. Dieuwke Bolsenbroek

    Dieuwke Bolsenbroek

    Prieš 23 val

    1:57 not hating but how do you say Hi like that 😅😅😅 #cringeworthy

  74. Dieuwke Bolsenbroek

    Dieuwke Bolsenbroek

    Prieš 23 val

    This intro 🤣🤣 what the actual F hahahaha🤣

  75. muthla525


    Prieš 23 val

    you need a new camera man

  76. abhay mathur

    abhay mathur

    Prieš 23 val

    Is this video only for white people!?

  77. Caitlyn Nguyen

    Caitlyn Nguyen

    Prieš 23 val


  78. Neko Aki

    Neko Aki

    Prieš 23 val

    The hack with this paper actually work 😜 when I was in primary school me and my friends doing that hack many times and it work. Of course it work just for few days and not that good as normal colour hair but yep it works 😜

  79. Jonnum


    Prieš 23 val

    Am I the only one who thinks they would make such an adorable couple?!

  80. Esha Pathak

    Esha Pathak

    Prieš 23 val

    Bruh throughout this video i kept thinking of bowl cut jungkook and then u mentioned the kid looking like a kpop star. Fkn live for this.

  81. Baby Bunny

    Baby Bunny

    Prieš 23 val

    I'm in hairdressing school and we were talking about dreadlocks and how the only way to take them out is to cut them, so I said no, you can brush them out gently, and the teacher said that it's not true and we had a long argument about dreadlocks 😅😂😬

  82. Tirzah Angel

    Tirzah Angel

    Prieš 23 val

    Anyone else feel somehow superior just knowing that your dry shampoo was approved by brad? No? Just me?😂💁🏽‍♀️👑

  83. I have a new channel

    I have a new channel

    Prieš 23 val

    I have a four years old bleach at home and this video inspired me to do something stupid.

  84. Snoopy_snoops531


    Prieš dieną

    11:59 *oh thats why my forehead is so big....* *im dumbbbbb*

  85. Jin


    Prieš dieną

    That cream lightener is so good!! It lifted my friend’s black Asian hair to a level 7-8 in one application w 30 volume

  86. Ruby JT

    Ruby JT

    Prieš dieną

    Two dime sized amount won't cut it babe...i have a lionssss mane. ik you went over it...but that's just not ahhhh. my hair is like to my butt and it's frizzy and curly...the best combos am i right -_- i love and hate my hair. anyways, any amount of dime size amounts won't work for me /: big oof. love uuu.

  87. Sasha Ilabaca Menai

    Sasha Ilabaca Menai

    Prieš dieną

    Love you and your videos!😄 I got one question (may sound stupid haha) but my hairdresser told me to put hair mask after shampooing and finish it off with conditioner. Is that a thing or does it even matter if you put conditioner first?

  88. Perspective_ Cosplay

    Perspective_ Cosplay

    Prieš dieną

    “It looks like a anime character” My anime obsessed ass: YASSSS. I love ittttt! ANIMEEEEEE

  89. kristi larsen

    kristi larsen

    Prieš dieną

    Feel like you would give my routine like 0 points 😂😂

  90. Meeya Shah

    Meeya Shah

    Prieš dieną

    I have your merch and I love it

  91. Maddie L

    Maddie L

    Prieš dieną

    SHE SAID “the box said don’t touch the root but how do you not do the root” EXACTLY SIS HOW DO YOU NOT DO THE DAMN ROOTS!!! Ugh

  92. Dani Walker

    Dani Walker

    Prieš dieną

    Brads hair is looking really great these days

  93. Maria Garcia

    Maria Garcia

    Prieš dieną

    Years ? 😭 am I the only one whose bangs grew fully out in like 3 months ?

  94. Ashlynne Biggs

    Ashlynne Biggs

    Prieš dieną

    My mom is a cosmetologist and we watch these fail videos together all the time!

  95. Ashlynne Biggs

    Ashlynne Biggs

    Prieš dieną

    I love your hair brad! You always have the best outfits/style! I love you!❤️

  96. Emilia Grace

    Emilia Grace

    Prieš dieną

    I’m just imagining Hyram being sat there with the bleach on his head trying to have a conversation but in his head he’s like ‘ IT BURNS IT BURNS IT BURNS’ 🤣

  97. Ukulele Beast

    Ukulele Beast

    Prieš dieną

    I'm a cool skin tone and whenever I dye my hair it's always blue or purple. Sometimes I want to dye my hair strawberry blonde but I know it won't look good so I don't

  98. M P1ayyzz

    M P1ayyzz

    Prieš dieną

    🥰⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️This look is AMAZING.