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I Threw My Pregnant Bestie Out Of Home And I Don't Regret It


Hi, everybody! I would like to tell you a story, no more and no less, about how different human fate can be. It will not be a funny story because I will tell you how I betrayed my best friend. But this is only one point of view, because I see it all from a completely different angle. By the way, my name is Tonya, and I just turned seventeen not very long ago.
It all started approximately ten, or maybe eleven years ago, I don’t remember exactly. I was a little kid and lived with my parents in a small, cozy house on the outskirts of a little town. And I only had one friend - Olive.
She was one and half years older than me and lived on a nearby plot of land. Her parents were pretty poor, so they did not own a house. They just lived in an old trailer parked on the land. But they were polite and nice people, so my mother supported my friendship with Olive."
At that time Olive and I were so inseparable that we even had something like a ceremony in order to perpetuate our friendship. Now I understand that it was ridiculous and foolish, but for us little girls, it was extremely important. An old oak tree was near our house, and Olive suggested that we carve the words: “Olive and Tonya - friends forever!” on its bark. I remember that Olive had stolen her father’s knife, I remember that it was a miracle that we did not cut ourselves while we were carving the letters, and I even remember that my name was misspelled. I guess you probably have some good memories about your childhood friends too, right?
That’s why Olive and I were so terribly upset when my father got a job in the capital city of the state we lived in and I realized that our moving was inevitable. We both cried a lot, for us it seemed like these stupid adults were separating us - us, who were practically sisters! In order to make things easier for me, my parents registered an e-mail address for me and suggested we do the same for Olive so that we could write to each other and stay in touch.
Olive and I wrote to each other for a year or so, but… less and less frequently, and then we stopped writing to each other at all - I lost the password to my e-mail account and didn't create another - I went to school and made new friends there.
However, I did not lose contact with Olive entirely - after three years her parents brought her to our city. Both Olive and I were extremely happy to see each other. The abandoned correspondence was quickly forgotten, and we spent the whole day together, with sincere pleasure, walking in the nearby park. There was only one misunderstanding that came up between us - I could not stop talking about my school drama club where I enrolled a little while ago and where I was already preparing for my first performance, but Olive seemed completely uninterested in it. Then I asked her what she was doing at our hometown school, and she replied that she was not doing anything in particular. But not because there were no electives at my small country school, but rather because Olive was not into these silly things. The only topic that truly interested Olive was boys. I noticed right away how Olive batted her eyes at every boy that we met during our little promenade. And frankly speaking, I kind of found it disgusting at my eleven years of age! At that time I thought that boys were the most terrible creatures in the world. Yuck!
Olive and I started to keep in touch again, but the next time I met her was approximately a year ago. For almost five years we exchanged letters and pictures, and at that time I didn’t yet notice how my friend had changed. You see, when I wrote to Olive about my dreams to go to college, to study to become an actress, and to get a job in one of the Broadway theatres, the response I got in the best case scenario was, “yeah, cool!” And that was it. Olive would change the subject right away and share the details of her hectic private life with me. At first I tried to count the number of boyfriends she had had, but soon I lost count. And when I asked my friend about her plans for life, I received, at best, a huge letter full of dreams about a rich, handsome, and cool husband. She was neither going to continue studying after school nor try to gain any professional skills.
But I could tolerate all this, before Olive came to see me again. A year ago I broke up with my boyfriend, my first love, and it was a very difficult period in my life. Olive came to support me, but she chose a very… peculiar way to do so. She decided that I simply needed to clear my head and took me to a dicey neighborhood, with a lot of bars and clubs...
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    That was the end of her friendship with Olive. Maybe you will disapprove of her decision, or maybe you will think that what she did was right. Please, tell about it in the comments to this video and share your thoughts about what you would have done if you were in her shoes?

    • Sparkly blair

      Sparkly blair

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      @Yee Yee Tong wow how nice of you😑😑😒😒😒😒😒😤😡

    • Sparkly blair

      Sparkly blair

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      To me" No matter how the situation is. You should never abandon a friend even if you two are different. You didn't take the time to fine out what happen, even if she don't want to help you, It's really heartbreaking.

    • Retard Nation

      Retard Nation

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      I disapprove on how it ended. I don’t even know why tonya didn’t even say goodbye, she sounds like a coward. I understand being angry that men came to the house, but you should at least figure out what was going on before treating your childhood friend like trash or help her get out of her shitty life choices.

    • Jcan simba

      Jcan simba

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      @alex franklin 👍

    • Nikki Umpleby

      Nikki Umpleby

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      I think she was wrong to kick her out

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  3. køryyy


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    Tbh I think what she did was reasonable, olive brought unnecessary danger and drama to her. But I’m not exactly sure I’d block her on all socials 🤔

  4. The Three Pandas

    The Three Pandas

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    I’ll do the same ==

  5. QuietRomatic


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    Her at 11: I wanna marry a handsome man Me at 11: * viciously building Minecraft houses/shops on a creative building server*

  6. Pineapple497


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    How come olives family couldn't have a house but they had a computer or phone of some sort and WIFI

  7. nolife potato

    nolife potato

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    her: you must have some of the best memory with friends me: *bold to assume that i have friends*

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  9. Fredy Dapoo

    Fredy Dapoo

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    Who are you calling both disgusting we put light

  10. GachaIdiotLyra


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    She couldve been raped or something and her best friend doesn't even wanna help.

  11. Tanya Crici

    Tanya Crici

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    Maybe Olive was boy crazy at 11 because she was being molested? Either way...... pretty horrible you ditched your friend when she needed you most.

  12. GokuBlackGaming new

    GokuBlackGaming new

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    So basically your friend turned into a thot.

  13. Werewolfynations


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    As I always knew friends don't last forever there will be a time that you have to leave them....

  14. Stardoll Life

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    Her at 11 I want a boy handsome rich boy Me : How to get free Robux in Roblox .No human verification

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    3:21 When someone doesn't know who Squirtle is

  16. Cray-Cray Potato

    Cray-Cray Potato

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    2:29 Gay :P

  17. The Cosmic Gamers

    The Cosmic Gamers

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  18. Emma Makhoul

    Emma Makhoul

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    damn ur a horrible person ( my opinion )

  19. Rusty


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    For all she knew olive could have been raped, she should have supported her friend no matter what.

  20. CLout ChillZ ツ

    CLout ChillZ ツ

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    Her at 11: *I wanna have a handsome husband* Me at 11: *How to get the new skin pack on minecraft no hack*

  21. Leanne Melvin

    Leanne Melvin

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    Hi what are you doing? I'm *admitting my homeless pregnant best friend to a women's shelter instead of helping her*

  22. Super MARIO Ethan

    Super MARIO Ethan

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    We are not gross

  23. alistraya


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    Her at 11 : I wanna have a Cool Handsome and Rich Husband Me at 11 : *tries to get free clothing on Club Penguin* (no hack)

  24. rosie


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    Her at 11: I want a rich, handsome husband. Me at 11: *Learning the Periodic Table Song in my bedroom.*

  25. Halo Shots

    Halo Shots

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    At the end of the video: *sigh*

  26. Ivan Darosa

    Ivan Darosa

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    One like equals one support for Tonia

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    weirdo girl wolfie

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    And you just watched my TTI 😂💀

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    Ever look at a comment and be like i wish i thought of that

  32. Drawing_ Trash00

    Drawing_ Trash00

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    I know this story isn’t true but if it was the main character is a real asshole

  33. MrHarold271


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    i love your vids and i watch them every day and it makes me open to my feelings and ther sad love them ok

  34. Gacha. Audrey.

    Gacha. Audrey.

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    She’s *rude*

  35. grace


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    👁👁hi everybody

  36. Aita M aita

    Aita M aita

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    Where were olive’s parents?

  37. KookieNut


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    Her at 11: i wanna have a rich and handsome husband Me at 11: *trynna steak my mums credit card to buy more v bucks for fortnite*

  38. Sydney Starkey

    Sydney Starkey

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    You should have helped her. She clearly was being abused and was in need of help, plus she was pregnant! I know that this was her fault and you were just worried about your families safety but I still don’t think you should have just abandoned her.

  39. Amr Amry

    Amr Amry

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    The sigh at the end of the video.

  40. Alina Bishop

    Alina Bishop

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    This girl at 10" I'm gonna Mary the richest man in the world " When I was 10 all I wanted to do, was convince my parents to buy me poptropica.

  41. Timeless Utopia

    Timeless Utopia

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    i agree with the fact that you took her to a shelter but i don't agree with you stopping communication.

  42. Debby Mosley

    Debby Mosley

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    Well I think that you will be successfully in life because u chose books before looks and that's a good choice and this is coming from a ten year old

  43. Elizah Horn

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    How do we aumit stories....?

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  45. Samuel


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    What you did was 100% right, if you and your mom hadn’t called the police those men could’ve hurt you and your family.

  46. SimlpyQuelyn


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    Olive was not a real friend what a messed up person

  47. Allison Last

    Allison Last

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    This is the worst most selfish friend I’ve ever heard of lmfao. Not even a friend.

  48. Carolina Vega

    Carolina Vega

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    Don’t @ me or anything, but I think what she did was right😬😬

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    This lady deserves one thumbs 👎

  50. Sparkle Sparkie

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    Her at 11: I want a rich husband Me at 11: Hacks the school firewall to play Minecraft

  51. r0th oliv3r

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    I kinda disapprove I mean, scratchesand bruises?

  52. • N a d i a •

    • N a d i a •

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    Wtf who does this to there best friend

  53. freddie


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    Tbh I'm against teen moms who get pregnant on purpose 1. The child has a higher chance of having a birth defect 2.if you don't even have ur own home wait my big sis has a child rn and no home and no one gets sleep anymore I'm starting school soon stupid 3. Who tf is ur parents

  54. iircse ii

    iircse ii

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    Hey you, person that's reading the comments HAVE AN AWSOME DAY :) -small youtuber

  55. Tracy Wang

    Tracy Wang

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    I know her

  56. Angelina _dragon

    Angelina _dragon

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    What's wrong with you! You can't just kick somebody pregnant WHO'S YOUR BEST FRIEND OUT OF HER HOUSE!!

  57. Swathy Ajay

    Swathy Ajay

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    What you did is wrong Tanoa!!😡

  58. [ItsJustMyro 2.0]

    [ItsJustMyro 2.0]

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    bOyS aRe ThE gRoSsEsT cReAtUrES ;-;

  59. Ayesha_Amreen arif

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    Her at 11: bOyZ Me at 11: watching this video skskkssk

  60. marisa martinez

    marisa martinez

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    You should have told her how you felt

  61. Under Fell

    Under Fell

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    Olive: hi I’m pregnant and don’t know who the father is let me stay here pls Me: girl I told you not to go too that bar now look at yourself so that’s on you girl that’s on you

  62. It's Jeff!

    It's Jeff!

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    If her parents where poor and live in a trailer, how come she has an email (aka electronic device)

  63. MacSter


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    Ok theres a wicked poster Im subscribing

  64. Hannah sksksks

    Hannah sksksks

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    Ok, so I understand why she kicked her out and stuff but she didnt have to block her on everything. She could've been a good person and talked to her and told her how she felt. It was kind of childish how she blocked her. That's just my opinion though.

  65. tamenga88


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    I hope one day someone you care for writes you off as easily as you write off others.

  66. UwU Tips

    UwU Tips

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  67. K H

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    why would you regret it?

  68. Abdel Aziz Laassikri

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    3:46 :0 is that wicked-

  72. Thaddeus Whorton

    Thaddeus Whorton

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    I agree that you did the right thing by sending her to the shelter, but that was mean to get out of contact with her.

  73. maja MTDIHAHA

    maja MTDIHAHA

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    No frends

  74. Naomi Knowles

    Naomi Knowles

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    She is so rude. Why would you dump your friend because she was growing up and started to like boys. She should support her friend because of what is happening😑

  75. Hannah Butler

    Hannah Butler

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    I broke up with my boyfriend when I was just 8

  76. Sathya Narayan

    Sathya Narayan

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    • Samuel


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      Sathya Narayan Thats atleast 20$

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  78. Mohamed Bukhary Ibn Mohamed Riyal

    Mohamed Bukhary Ibn Mohamed Riyal

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    I think by now she would have learnt her lesson, so try showing your perception towards life. I think you'll be a good mentor for her and her child.

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  80. style girl

    style girl

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    olive does she love olives