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Officers chase down a group of kids who stole a bulldozer and caused damage, in this clip from "8.3.19". #LivePD
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  1. A&E


    Prieš 5 mėnesių

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    • 327th Corp Clone wars

      327th Corp Clone wars

      Prieš 4 mėnesius

      A&E cool

    • SleepLess


      Prieš 5 mėnesių

      Lmao you crazy

    • Coca-cola Coco

      Coca-cola Coco

      Prieš 5 mėnesių

      A&E cool

  2. Hjeje Ejhej

    Hjeje Ejhej

    Prieš 19 val

    Thats hilarious at out old hoot spot we found an excavator with the keys still in it.... i didnt drive it but we gave the keys to this one kid named cory and he was the one that drove it into camera range😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  3. Mariah Salinas

    Mariah Salinas

    Prieš dieną

    I ante cops jk nope jk

  4. Dean Ossiander

    Dean Ossiander

    Prieš dieną

    dumb kids

  5. Tanner Loehr

    Tanner Loehr

    Prieš dieną

    Why is an 18 year old hanging with 15 year olds anyway... and omg the kids just got a ticket ????

  6. Brawl with F-16

    Brawl with F-16

    Prieš 2 dienas

    To relieve stress you can like excercise read eat watch LTplayer play Xbox but why that extreme?????

  7. Brawl with F-16

    Brawl with F-16

    Prieš 2 dienas

    That’s weird

  8. Kellie Smith

    Kellie Smith

    Prieš 2 dienas

    Because putting "like" into your sentence every second word makes you sound more intelligent.....

  9. brussell639


    Prieš 4 dienas

    Worst spicoli ever.

  10. Hayden Williams

    Hayden Williams

    Prieš 4 dienas

    How do I know it’s those kids

  11. Yesy Y Juan

    Yesy Y Juan

    Prieš 4 dienas

    They all Mexican they will all get the BELT or la CHANCLA for sure. Worse than jail

  12. Slobodan Mihic

    Slobodan Mihic

    Prieš 4 dienas

    This juveniles are practicing to be enrolled in the democratic party and become politicians



    Prieš 5 dienų

    We didn't do any damage. We were just driving the bulldozer because the keys were in it. DUMB DUMB DUMB. 🙄

  14. Che


    Prieš 5 dienų

    But, but I want to see the parents when they go collect their sons!

  15. bo brooks

    bo brooks

    Prieš 6 dienų

    "Their all Hispanic". Oh really? Duh.

  16. Luke Merhige

    Luke Merhige

    Prieš 6 dienų

    They didn’t really steal it they literally just drove it

  17. Lol Lol

    Lol Lol

    Prieš 6 dienų


  18. Call mean

    Call mean

    Prieš 7 dienų

    Reminds me of something me and my mates did a couple years ago ahah

  19. Brian Torres

    Brian Torres

    Prieš 8 dienų

    Me and the boys hanging out

  20. Cody Clanton

    Cody Clanton

    Prieš 8 dienų

    Bobcat is NOT a Dozer. 😂

  21. Bear Lemley

    Bear Lemley

    Prieš 8 dienų

    Hey, it's fun to push dirt around!

  22. 29 29

    29 29

    Prieš 9 dienų

    Hey this happened in my city but with a crazy crack head who thought he was killing zombies 😂

  23. Nativ Oscure

    Nativ Oscure

    Prieš 9 dienų

    Bmx life

  24. Colt O

    Colt O

    Prieš 11 dienų

    Ok so is it a doze or a bobcat?! A pretty sure bobcat doesnt make a dozer.

  25. Lindsey M.K.

    Lindsey M.K.

    Prieš 11 dienų

    "We're responding to a call about a stolen bulldozer, driving through a target parking lot, crashing into walls." 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  26. MrBusDrivr


    Prieš 11 dienų

    A "bulldozer"... It's a skid steer! World of difference between the two...

  27. Legenden


    Prieš 12 dienų

    like, like, like, like. This new generation seem to _"like"_ that word.

  28. Emrys Wyllt

    Emrys Wyllt

    Prieš 12 dienų

    Guys he hasn't been able to do tricks. You gotta understand. His tricks he lost them ever since he hurt his ankle. His tricks you guys

    • P00L🏊ℬ☸𝒴 wuz here

      P00L🏊ℬ☸𝒴 wuz here

      Prieš 11 dienų

      You wouldn't understand.

  29. BMW W.

    BMW W.

    Prieš 13 dienų

    I wish I would have stolen bulldozer in smash my school. But when I was younger.

  30. Groo Wanderer

    Groo Wanderer

    Prieš 14 dienų


  31. Chairman Meow

    Chairman Meow

    Prieš 14 dienų

    Those Mexicans parents will pay for the wall

  32. Anthony Kellogg

    Anthony Kellogg

    Prieš 14 dienų

    For what its worth, dude has a nice bike. S&M....sweet.

  33. Pikapimp MoDS

    Pikapimp MoDS

    Prieš 15 dienų

    I remember the worst thing I ever done was last year when I was 14, me and my friend was roaming and found a tractor in someones farm with the key, we didn't turn it on or anything but I thought it would be funny to chuck the key somewhere.

  34. Dan Field

    Dan Field

    Prieš 15 dienų

    That 18 year old just ruined his life. No traveling out of the country. No security clearance , and limited job.options

    • Daniel Grinnell

      Daniel Grinnell

      Prieš 6 dienų

      Dan Field yup felony at 18 really sucks. My dumbass 18 year old self did something similar.

  35. Smarty Jones

    Smarty Jones

    Prieš 16 dienų

    fools... a Bobcat is not a bulldozer... that's like calling a tricycle a Harley...

  36. Eric Wilsey

    Eric Wilsey

    Prieš 18 dienų

    Kids are still playing GTA: San Andreas? Mind blown.

  37. Michael Matthews

    Michael Matthews

    Prieš 18 dienų

    This kid thought the cops would think it was just as cool as him and his friends did

  38. Niko


    Prieš 20 dienų

    "steal" come on they just joyriding.

  39. Billy Billy

    Billy Billy

    Prieš 22 dienas

    This 18 yro a snitch fr

  40. Emma Jane

    Emma Jane

    Prieš 23 dienas

    yo, salinas is BEAUTIFUL though!!

  41. it’s Still Jill

    it’s Still Jill

    Prieš 24 dienas

    Some of these kids these days have no common sense whatsoever

  42. Andres Lopez Monreal

    Andres Lopez Monreal

    Prieš 24 dienas

    Some clean bmx bikes

  43. Zack Duvall

    Zack Duvall

    Prieš 25 dienų

    These kids are soft. In my day, there ain't no way we were stopping.

  44. david frankel

    david frankel

    Prieš 25 dienų

    shame young criminales

  45. Young Boss Nation HD

    Young Boss Nation HD

    Prieš 25 dienų

    a ticket for vehicle theft? What are you smoking?

  46. Mark Maxwell

    Mark Maxwell

    Prieš 25 dienų

    Why was he hanging out with Minors he's 18 & they was 15th smh bad role model smh! I bet hes re thinking in the Jail🤣

  47. Michael Fosnaught

    Michael Fosnaught

    Prieš 25 dienų

    Kids can do anything with almost no repercussions it seems

  48. Denim Lether

    Denim Lether

    Prieš 26 dienų

    Who left this bulldozer left for anyone to take over? Be it a key or to be hit wired.

  49. R Stanev

    R Stanev

    Prieš 26 dienų

    I always thought the best punishment when a teenager has been caught damaging a property/vehicle etc. is to take them to a construction site/factory, and let them work until they learn and realise how much labor and effort it takes to build something. I believe that when they have spent their own time and energy building something, a big part of them would think twice before damaging property again. In short - show them and teach them how hard work is, rather than just inprison them and make their parents pay the bills.

  50. lexi dzink

    lexi dzink

    Prieš 26 dienų

    everyone in the comments r party poopers

  51. Chiansofsweg


    Prieš 26 dienų

    Bro your 15 wearing a 600+ hoodie go play a videogame or something.

  52. Cars by Chris

    Cars by Chris

    Prieš 26 dienų

    Man at 18 I was stupid but I wasn't "joyride with a bulldozer" stupid.

  53. Bear Allen

    Bear Allen

    Prieš 26 dienų

    First it’s a bulldozer then it’s a bobcat, which was it? Lol there’s a big difference between the two

  54. Jason Smith

    Jason Smith

    Prieš 28 dienų

    18 year old toddler

  55. Kathy Hernandez

    Kathy Hernandez

    Prieš 29 dienų

    I thought it said bull dog 😂

  56. JINOV


    Prieš mėn

    18 and dumb as a rock, now this genius will potentially have a felony but in a liberal state he will not serve any time.

  57. gettingolderwithgrace graham

    gettingolderwithgrace graham

    Prieš mėn

    Sounds like a teen. I have stress in my life, i can't ride my bike like i used to, so i stole a huge dangerous machine, and risked everyone around me, you know, because it's all about me.

  58. Andrew Lopez

    Andrew Lopez

    Prieš mėn

    When I first saw the thumbnail it was cut off and it looked like it said steals bulldog lol I was like wtf what kinda person would steal someone else’s pet

  59. Chad Chill

    Chad Chill

    Prieš mėn

    I hate how he says juveniles

  60. Maddie Edin

    Maddie Edin

    Prieš mėn

    i stg the USA needs a YCJA like canada has