Experiment: Coca Cola and Mentos

What happens if you mix Coca-Cola and Mentos in a large aquarium?
Production Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound:


  1. Женя Женя

    Женя Женя

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    Хоть на каком языке высри название, а видно, что расейскими недалекими тупарями, для ещё больших имбецилов, снято 10 минут хуйни под ярким промо

  2. Roman Muthukumar

    Roman Muthukumar

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    I am way way disappointed by this video

  3. Αddic7ed Tube

    Αddic7ed Tube

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    man you earn so much money from youtube and you have fake NIKE socks NOW FOR REAL??? 1:10

  4. Michael McCormick

    Michael McCormick

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    Every video i watch of you guys are great expetiments. I have one thing to say though Shake up your coke bottles first before you do any experiments it is the created gases that react with the mentos not the coke!

  5. kritika singh

    kritika singh

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    i saw a meme w this thumbnail so now I'm here

  6. Python Noobies

    Python Noobies

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    Is this guy serious or a stupid 1 ?..oh wait, there are a 1M liked stupid ppl like him wasting time on bullshit

  7. Ginger Ninja

    Ginger Ninja

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    129mio clicks ? How

  8. aqairer freefir

    aqairer freefir

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  9. Kevin T.

    Kevin T.

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    LOL didnt even use diet Coke 🤣

  10. Глеб Родин

    Глеб Родин

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    Фруктовый сад?? чо

  11. Martin Kirovski

    Martin Kirovski

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    What a joke... Some people don't have anything to eat, not even enough clean water to drink, and he is wasing those watermelons like it's some kind of joke... And don't you think that it'd be much better to give that toy to a boy or a girl that can't afford to have any toys? But, no, you just had to run the car over it...

  12. Muhammetali Jumayev

    Muhammetali Jumayev

    Prieš 12 val Топ 41 удивительных трюков и научных экпспериментов!! Смотрите друзья (Top 41 amazing stunts and science experiments)

  13. Turma do Cueio React & Outras Coisas interessantes

    Turma do Cueio React & Outras Coisas interessantes

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    10:28 it was CENSORED because "violence" and appeared organs. to unnecessary

  14. Iye Ako

    Iye Ako

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  15. in The Creative

    in The Creative

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    Subscribe me 😝🖤🥰

  16. محمد محمدی

    محمد محمدی

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  17. StraßenStruller


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    Ihr verschwendet Lebensmittel !!! Überall auf der Welt leiden die Menschen Hunger und ihr pisser spielt mit essen !!!!



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    I am disappointed because in every clip u wasyed the food it is not better if u rich and want to wwste money so you give them food to poor people who have naver tasted the taste of these food 😥😥



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    3.00 coco cola and mentos Thank me later

  20. Dody Putra

    Dody Putra

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    Apa cuma gw otang Indonesia 👇

  21. kidSkits


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    I think the watermelon splatting on the ground was the coolest take away of the video

  22. Rodrigo Rojas

    Rodrigo Rojas

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    8:00 y esta rosa :0

  23. It’s Tyaira

    It’s Tyaira

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    Like you kept picking the ball up just let it sank through

  24. 3Triple MMX

    3Triple MMX

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    Well i thought it would explode i'm dissapointed

  25. Crunchy Crushing Channel

    Crunchy Crushing Channel

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    I love it when LTplayer recommends me shit like this so i can waste my time even more....

  26. regan khadka

    regan khadka

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    Lol the creator is russian . When it comes to making a viral video, nobody can beat them . Go russia !!

  27. Hannah L.

    Hannah L.

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    6:44 : **watermelon starts sweating😳😳** Axe: 😏🔪

  28. Parker Mollink

    Parker Mollink

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    Great mix

  29. Dr.Koopa :-\

    Dr.Koopa :-\

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  30. David Bowser

    David Bowser

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    Well that was 10 Minutes and 42 seconds of my life gone.



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    129m views in 2 weeks ? Wtf

  32. berat richirichseinvateeerr

    berat richirichseinvateeerr

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    Why are u gay?

  33. Faas Ramaekers

    Faas Ramaekers

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    1:40 this clearly wasnt sealed with flexseal

  34. Christian Schuhknecht

    Christian Schuhknecht

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    This is way too random

  35. Ronie Monte

    Ronie Monte

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    why did you wasting food !!

  36. BVBeli


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    Hier ist der: Ich bin deutscher button

  37. Franky Der King

    Franky Der King

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    AviveHD ? haha

  38. Johanna Karamani

    Johanna Karamani

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    Wer kommt auch von avive 😂

  39. cool Zakk

    cool Zakk

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    What a waste

  40. Salma Leguizamón.

    Salma Leguizamón.

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    Admito que vine por el experimento de la coca cola y mentos, y es un poco triste que no haya pasado nada OMG, QUE GENIAL, INCREÍBLE pero igual me gustó el vídeo por los otros experimentos. 😊👌

  41. Grape Guy

    Grape Guy

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  42. Queen Purple

    Queen Purple

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    Wasting food

  43. Random Clip

    Random Clip

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    Just reply to my comment and I will subscribe to your youtube channel. lets support each other :) thanks

  44. Say Cocumuyoama

    Say Cocumuyoama

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    129m Whaaaat

  45. Артём Муза

    Артём Муза

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    Какую хуйню люди только на Ютуб не заливают

  46. luka josib

    luka josib

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  47. Amrit Sunar

    Amrit Sunar

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  48. Олег Калугин

    Олег Калугин

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  49. Peter Ellens

    Peter Ellens

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    Just wasting food for youtube likes... shame on you.

  50. EpicHeartbreak#KSHMR


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    this is the mosted stupid video with more than 100m views i ever whatched

  51. Ndu_ Max

    Ndu_ Max

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    3:02 or 3:20 Thank me later

  52. Johann Maier

    Johann Maier

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    Waste of food.. Waste of time.

  53. jonathan james

    jonathan james

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    That’s not how you use an axe btw

  54. 小麦_Komugi*


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  55. تصاميم أحمد العراقي

    تصاميم أحمد العراقي

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    ليش العنوان عربي

  56. zachary tomisman

    zachary tomisman

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    Hey dumbass it needs to be Diet Coke in order to react with the mentos

  57. خوخاية __الانيقة

    خوخاية __الانيقة

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    رؤؤؤؤؤعة ⚕

  58. Zieroぼく


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    Did you hate batman ?

  59. alexa gacha

    alexa gacha

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    Can you do face reveal??

  60. Ezra Baby

    Ezra Baby

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    That mentos in aquarium was predictable, the only reason why mentos explodes in color is because the gas has no where to go in a bottle.