Cardi B Showed Ellen How She Got Pregnant

Rapper Cardi B visited Ellen for the first time, and talked about revealing her pregnancy on "SNL," then explained just how she got pregnant... by showing photos of her twerking at Coachella.


  1. MeFreakz


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    i would recomend the urus

  2. Si Thu Han

    Si Thu Han

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    Cardi b is so cute in this video

  3. who are you im you

    who are you im you

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    ellan look scerd from cardi

  4. love is love

    love is love

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    isn't this something ellen's parents should have taught her?

  5. carebear UwU

    carebear UwU

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    Cardi b already got me dying XD

  6. Tashay Liddell

    Tashay Liddell

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    Cardi B so funny, Ellen is too. They should make their own show like Snoop & Martha 😂😂😂

  7. Mario Carrillo

    Mario Carrillo

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    Couldn't even watch 30 seconds.

  8. LaShonda Marshall

    LaShonda Marshall

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  9. Bernardo Mireal Gh

    Bernardo Mireal Gh

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    Cardi Is lovely to be with ❤️

  10. A N G E L

    A N G E L

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    Barney B xD

  11. José Velasquez

    José Velasquez

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    Ellen was just trying not to get hit with a shoe 👠.! She look like she’s was scared.

  12. rowland jnr blay

    rowland jnr blay

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    Cardi she's really funny

  13. satan 666

    satan 666

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    she reminds me of sophia vergera

  14. brownskin _.Xxnbbabiix

    brownskin _.Xxnbbabiix

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    Y know offset went to tayo Reed performing arts center we saw pictures

  15. Chris the Unstoppable

    Chris the Unstoppable

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    Who is she?

  16. Xxgacha oceanxX

    Xxgacha oceanxX

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    I know that ellen will never have the same connection with cardinal that she does with nick man 🤪😍

  17. Xxgacha oceanxX

    Xxgacha oceanxX

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    OMG i got an ad about ellen before this started

  18. RUVA &ROPA Machumi

    RUVA &ROPA Machumi

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    Card I B is pretty

  19. Kusta Kuties

    Kusta Kuties

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    I 🖤💙🖤💝 i am a professional passenger!👑

  20. Jaelyn Perkins

    Jaelyn Perkins

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    i love you cardi e

  21. OH Yeh!

    OH Yeh!

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    Ellen’s vibrator got HARD

  22. Ciana Mckenzie

    Ciana Mckenzie

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    Is Ellen afraid of cardi b or something

  23. Edrei Jenille Bartolome

    Edrei Jenille Bartolome

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    She's cuteeee

  24. Stuart sugden

    Stuart sugden

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    Nasty looking

  25. Sollymol Jobin

    Sollymol Jobin

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    3:37 all children like...... Mommy what is she doing By the way I’m 9 and I know how she got pregnant

    • itz sust

      itz sust

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    • Blissle Meara

      Blissle Meara

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      How did she get pregnant? Hmm?

  26. KkatanaKuts


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    BRUH SHE HAD ### cardi e please

  27. Rachel Farmer

    Rachel Farmer

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    These red bottoms these bloody shoes

  28. FrozenHeart O

    FrozenHeart O

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    sometimes i feel like media ruins people but sometimes i also feel like media can change people into a better person

  29. Eshalkhizar Rehman

    Eshalkhizar Rehman

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    I like her hair

  30. Jacqueline St louis

    Jacqueline St louis

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    I just love her she make's confidente

    • Jacqueline St louis

      Jacqueline St louis

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      Who doesn't loves Cardi B she is so funny 😀😀😀

  31. Tara Alvarez

    Tara Alvarez

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    She is so nasty.

  32. Eden Caldwell

    Eden Caldwell

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    Cardi b is my favorite singer elen

  33. zombies bride m

    zombies bride m

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  34. Slimer101


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    Wow lol

  35. Claude Stevens

    Claude Stevens

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    You gotta love Cardi!!!!!!

  36. a hack's progress

    a hack's progress

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    Cardi has a superb persona of her own...

  37. Linda Alinda

    Linda Alinda

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    She’s so funny and beautiful. Much love cardi B

  38. Thandeka Ngobese

    Thandeka Ngobese

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    I love Cardi B😂♥♥✨

  39. prince k

    prince k

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    The bird in my window left the chat!

  40. nicktube HD

    nicktube HD

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    That looks nothing like cardi b

  41. Heartbreakerツ


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  42. Danielle Marie Chott

    Danielle Marie Chott

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    Just .... Wow that's great , I guess

  43. Its Me Fa Livi

    Its Me Fa Livi

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    My only wish is to meet Cardi And Ellen😭❤️❤️ And all my idols😍

  44. Jessica Walters

    Jessica Walters

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    What`s poping Cardi

  45. Adrian Carrillo

    Adrian Carrillo

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    Ellen scares me

  46. Dawn Britton

    Dawn Britton

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    My girl!!! Love her!!!

  47. Ella Pamy Nunu

    Ella Pamy Nunu

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    Cardi B team forlife

  48. Zulfi P

    Zulfi P

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    Cardi B what a shame.... money cant by class!

  49. Prince R

    Prince R

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    Was expecting an MMS 😂

  50. shari khan

    shari khan

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    She ain’t said thank you once smh

  51. Naomi Rose

    Naomi Rose

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    Bruh the way she said cardi at the end 😭😂😂😂😂

  52. Rohit Sharma

    Rohit Sharma

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    Aye guys!! Looks like anyone can become a millionaire!!!! Try It out!!!

  53. Amanda Lazar

    Amanda Lazar

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    Love you cardi B

  54. AussieSheela


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    My first introduction to Cardi B and I think she’s amazing. What a great sense of fun.

  55. Popular Post

    Popular Post

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    @4:13 Ellen was wrong for calling Offset “the baby daddy” she would’ve never said that about a caucasian guest. It’s unprofessional and unpopular.

  56. Onyx Campbell

    Onyx Campbell

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    46 million views.

  57. Bob potaoYT

    Bob potaoYT

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    Thumbs up for cardi comment for Nikki

  58. DatedTheMonkey Hi

    DatedTheMonkey Hi

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    How many times she says ya know! ⬇️

  59. Jonathan Cadet

    Jonathan Cadet

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    Kurrrtttt 😂😂

  60. Sloth


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    When parents this this is Harry Potter😂