I Became a Giant Barbie Doll in Real Life inside DOLLHOUSE! (Game Master DIY Escape Room Challenge)

Rebecca Zamolo must learn how to build the world’s largest DIY barbie doll in real life while trapped in the dollhouse.
After Rebecca Zamolo had to try escaping GMI Prison in GAME MASTER Escape Room in Real Life they were quickly trapped inside a dollhouse. Whats inside this pink house reminded her of the 24 hour challenge overnight. It looks like the quadrant was taking the place of Daniel as the camera man. After searching and exploring Q have Rebecca a mysterious remote to the tv. It was a hidden message from the gmi agent. The mission for this room is to build a giant barbie box in less than 24 hours. In order to get the supplies Matt and Rebecca must solve clues. It was like an escape room in real life. Matt quickly solved the first clue which unlocked the mystery box supplies. Rebecca was able to rearrange the missing cakes in the kitchen to activate the next clue. After all items were located they had to learn how to make the worlds largest DIY barbie doll box. This was the perfect moment to trap Q in the back room by using the code word Cupcake. Matt used his vlog camera to show Rebecca the briefcase with the 3rd ipad inside just like the first one. Once the finalized the Do it yourself tutorial the box was complete and it unlocked the final clue which looks like two airplane tickets to Australia. Can they escape the Game Master Incorporated trap in time? Thanks for watching my PG entertainment family friendly comedy videos in 2019!
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  1. Rebecca Zamolo

    Rebecca Zamolo

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    Hey ZamFam - how do you think the DIY Barbie box turned out? Let me know if you're subscribed with notifications on for a shout out!

    • Belsy Perez

      Belsy Perez

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      I'm your friend

    • Belsy Perez

      Belsy Perez

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      Do more things with your dogs

    • Marie Smith

      Marie Smith

      Prieš 25 dienų

      I love your videos Matt and Rebecca thank you for your videos

    • Julia 17

      Julia 17

      Prieš 26 dienų

      Maybe the norris nuts is the next target they are from australia

    • Jericka Denise

      Jericka Denise

      Prieš 26 dienų

      I love you Rebecca

  2. Heidi Lemke

    Heidi Lemke

    Prieš 2 minutes

    Maybe the six digit code is on the plane tickets maybe🤔🧐🤨 btw BIG FAN

  3. k hhb.

    k hhb.

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    Yess i do play sith barbies

  4. Chris Bishop

    Chris Bishop

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    🤔 I don't know hmmmmm

  5. Namrata Jha

    Namrata Jha

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    My fav colour is aqua 🐬

  6. Xxgacha oreo xX

    Xxgacha oreo xX

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    24 hours and a barbiehouse

  7. Asrio Abed

    Asrio Abed

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    24 hours in a Barbie house

  8. Toy Expert

    Toy Expert

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    Who is the gmi

  9. Robert Phillips

    Robert Phillips

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    Hit the like button if you hate jay

  10. Robert Phillips

    Robert Phillips

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    I loveeeeeeee pink it’s sooooo pretty like wowwww

  11. Asrio Abed

    Asrio Abed

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    My favorite color is black

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    Bristol Sisler

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    Mine is purple

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    Isis Johnson

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    Also pink

  15. enedina perez

    enedina perez

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  16. Keira Pfaff

    Keira Pfaff

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    The clock in the room you showed the iPad pictures I saw a clock that was in the clone house

  17. Damian Lopez

    Damian Lopez

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    Michael McDaniel

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    A S

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    My favorite color is BLACK Tell me what is your Favorite color is 👇 👇

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    Ava Hutchins

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    Give a like if you love your parents

  22. Ava Hutchins

    Ava Hutchins

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  23. Enedina Rocha

    Enedina Rocha

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    24 houres in a bảrbie house

  24. Jada Bourassa

    Jada Bourassa

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    Maybe I can find three candy a cat nap that’s why been in

  25. Jada Bourassa

    Jada Bourassa

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    I love paint down my most favourite colour even to make rainbow🌈

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  28. Tapos Gupta

    Tapos Gupta

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    Do you like it?who like the pink room?

  29. Guy Francois

    Guy Francois

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    I love pink to

  30. Robert Zarebski

    Robert Zarebski

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    Blue obv

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    My is pink too

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    Irmari Gonzalez

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  33. Irmari Gonzalez

    Irmari Gonzalez

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    I like your vids

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    Eve Bell

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    I like pink

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    Galaxy Unicorn

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    Saleem Chaudhri

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    Love you Rebecca

  37. Michelle Warren

    Michelle Warren

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    In bathroom

  38. pete ray

    pete ray

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    On the I pad is a number 6

  39. suhail shaba

    suhail shaba

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    Your not in a Barbie room your in Canada I have seen that room from cloe channel even I have been there for sure

  40. bluugirl 3856

    bluugirl 3856

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    Mine is bluu farvotive

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    Lupita Herrera

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    I love pink💗

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    Blue and green

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    unique girl period'tt

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    Hope you find daniel the camera man

  44. unique girl period'tt

    unique girl period'tt

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    My best favorite color is pink

  45. unique girl period'tt

    unique girl period'tt

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    You look so beautiful in that

  46. Josh Vincent Abrea

    Josh Vincent Abrea

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    We love you Rebecca I just subscribe yesterday



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    Same gurl i love pinkkkk

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    I love pink

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    I don't like gmi so much

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    I am from aus

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