Create This Book 2 | Episode #7

Hey! So today is another episode of Create This Book 2! I have a special surprise for you guys, so please stick around to hear my announcement!
I did 3 pages in this episode, including addressing the mess that I mad out of the last episode’s page. We gonna give a koala a makeover lol. I put a poll up for you guys last episode to vote, and the results said, I should “give watercolor a try.” So I changed the page from a Crayola marker page, to a cheap watercolor page. You be the judge, whether it looks better or not.
The other 2 pages I are watercolor and my trusty prismacolor pencils. Look out for donuts and acorns….should be interesting.

THE SIGNED BOOKS ARE SOLD OUT!! (It only took 3 hours!)
These packages come with:
-1 signed copy of Create This Book 2
“Me” signature, hand signed on the inside front cover
-2 original “ME” sticker decals (not currently available anywhere else).
Stickers will be selected at random (you will not get 2 of the same though). You will receive any 2 of the available 7 designs.
-1 “Me” branded thank you note (first ever produced)
-There is a 3 per customer maximum, since these are a limited quantity.
-LOVE. Hahaha
-This offer is available only within the continental United States. SORRY! Hopefully once we get the hang of this, we can branch out more.
-If everything goes well, we will have a lot more exciting products coming soon!
-We will try our best to ship these out fast, but depending on how many sell at once, it could be a small wait. We will do our best!
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